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Do you want what they have- that extra bounce the vitality, the radiance, the smiles and laughter and the positive "can do" attitude? We desire to be healthy because of the way it makes us feel and we generally look better, have increased immune function and a good deal more energy to cope with the "daily grind" or our physical requirements in life.

Some of us adopt "faulty adaptation habits" thinking these are the way to help us through life. I will work with you and "your boundaries" to help counteract the effects these behaviours may be having on your body.

I favour a wholistic and preventative approach to health and wellbeing and seek to find the least invasive measures necessary for symptom improvement or resolution whist honouring the body's innate wisdom to heal.

During your consultation you can expect an individual assessment of health to be completed using an in-depth questionnaire to identify possible underlying causes of health problems. Family history of health, diet, environmental, physiological and psychological factors are all taken into account during the assessment.

You may be prescribed nutritional supplements, herbal preparations, a homoeopathic remedy and provided with an individual diet and life style plan for your health concern.

Investigative techniques such as iridology, touch for health Kinesiology, facial, nail and tongue analysis, zinc tests, acid/ alkaline tests mineral and heavy metal tests are incorporated into your consultation.

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